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Prop Contest Rules

  1. All props must be con approved and checked in with our peace bonding crew
  2. Weapons must be non-functional - If you have projectile type weapons or props, (such a a bow and arrows) those props can be shown but must be secured on the con floor and only displayed at the contest area
  3. All props must be available for the contest judges to look at during the Con on Saturday the 15th. Judging will start after 12:00pm so all props entered into the contest must be in place by then.  Props can be set up between 10:00am and 12:00pm
  4. 75% of the Prop must be created by the contestant. (we understand you might purchase some parts from other artists but the final product must be designed & assembled by the contestant)
  5. Props can be made of any types of materials (including 3D printed parts)
  6. props will be displayed on tables so if you need a stand to hold the prop, please provide it.
  7. You may include a short write up of the prop, how it was made and the materials for the judges to view at the time of judging.
  8. Contestants may also be present at the time of judging to answer any question, but it is not mediatory. The judging time will be announced before the con starts on the 15th.
  9. Props maybe be picked up after 6:00pm on the 15th but contestants also have the option of leaving the props in the viewing area for other to view for the remainder of the con.
  10. Awards will be given out during the cosplay contest on the evening of the 15th

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