guest prop maker

Scott Pope

Scott Pope aka “Wildkarde” is an award winning, master level costumer and fabricator who first dove in to the prop and costume scene in August 2015 when he decided to make a set of animatronic wings for Archon in Collinsville IL. From then on, there was no going back. Always being a designer and fabricator for the event and signage industry, that quick venture into prop making enhanced his passion for creating and bringing fictional items and characters to life. He’s continued to to compete and win on the Archon and Wizard World stages. Since then he’s been expanding and improving his skill set. Practical effects, sculpting, casting, foam-smithing, leatherworking, sewing, make-up effects and metal work are just some of the skill he’s brought to the table when creating his award winning cosplay’s and collaboration’s with other prop makers and cosplayers. He has expanded his convention presence by bringing workshops, appearances, and more to cons throughout the Midwest and West Coast regions.