cosplay guest

Sean Shaw

I remember the feeling of going to my first convention and witnessing cosplay for the first time. I was 19 years old with no previous knowledge that such a culture even existed. I am a first-generation American, son of two Belizean immigrants. Growing up the only thing I had close to geek culture was X-Men animated series and Toonami on Cartoon Network. I remember the first cosplayer I saw, she was Ed from Cowboy
Bebop. I felt so starstruck as if I was in presence of greatness. I wanted to be part of this world. I wanted to feel like a rockstar. The following year, I cosplayed for the first time. I was Zack from Final Fantasy 7. At that time, there were no tutorials on YouTube on how to create props or how to style a wig or how to apply makeup. Your only teacher was through trial and error. I feel like every little mistake I made greatly contributed to me being the prop fabricator I am today. Within the last 12 years, I have created over 200 costumes and props, and  contracted with Studios such as Rooster Teeth, Bungie, 343 Industries, and Nerdist. I have done panels and been
invited to multiple conventions including Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con. I have been featured in newspaper articles and magazines such as Cosplay Culture. I feel very blessed to have experienced so much in those years, and I owe it all to everyone who has enjoyed my style of cosplay and artwork.