Vendors and artists



R1          Brick King
R2          Snapping Turtle Comics
R3          Mountaineer West Comics
R4-R5      Thumbs at Play
R6-R7      Dpad Retro Games & Collectables
R8         Rogue Toys
R9         Keith Tucker
R10        Marcelo Matere
R11        Larry Hama
R12        Art of Justin Hunt
R13-R14  CBCS
R15        Kore 6 Media
R16        Broken Eye Books
R17        Holden Goyette
R18        Arris Quinones
R19        Logan Lubera
R20        Art of Ben Hansen
R21        Randy Emberlin
R22        Art of Jamie Sullivan
G1         Emerald City Gaming



S1       Badger Burrow Dreamboxes
S2       The Athelier
S3       Eli Wolff
S4       Sams Art Mess
S5       Vikram Madan
S6       The Fishbowl
S7       loGoodnezz
S8       PopMuertos
S9       Clockwork Art
S10      Studio LG
S11      Brian Smith
S12      Ambrose Quintanilla
S13      Eddie DeAngelini
S14      Monkey House Stuido
S15      Pun & Pink Graphics
S16      Kupakins & Suchi
S17      Leigh Jones & Jelli Makes
S18      Art of Kevin McCoy
S19      Chris Hillseth
S20      Starbuck & Apollo
S21      Mabel By Design
S22      KJH Art
S23      Studio Wondercabinet
S24      Beauty & Geek
S25      CosplayPNW NSFW
S26      Erika Rae Heins
S27      Evil Kitten Studios
S28      Jay Palmer Books
S29      Chris Buckley Art
S30      Ron McCain Illustration
S31      Richard McRae
S32      Stephen Merlino
S33      Matt Brundage
S34      Miniature Dragon Comics
S35-36  Barnes & Noble
S37      Gerrin Tramis
S38      Amaya KoKame
S39      Hao Bao

Adams -1st FLOOR


A1       Home of the Future
A2       Diane Beck's Creations
A3       Anime World
A4       Two Script Guys
A5       Scraping Bottom Games LLC
A6       Steven K Smith
A7       Zak Labs
A8       Tim Peirson
A9       Campbell's Comics, Toys, & More
A10      Circle of Varus
A11      Captian Slinky's Weird Lamps
A12      Level 52 Studio
G3       Microsoft Gaming

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